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Expect the Unexpected!

We did it, 7/7 Mythic. Even though we are a long way from what we aim to reach, I'm happy with our accomplishments. Considering half our healing team dropped out right before and during progression, and we had to put in offspecs and backup players, we didn't do a bad job with keeping progress on a steady pace.
Let's learn from our mistakes and take these lessons into the next progression period.


P.S. It's harder to take a proper SS with you guys then to kill Cenarius ...

End Good, All Good

Tears were shed, tilts became uncountable but we managed what we wanted in WoD. Archimonde on farm and a great preparation for Legion to climb up those ranks.
Therefor a quick shoutout to all raiders who've helped us, pushed us and made us achieve our goals we had put when creating this guild. But a bigger thank you for everyone, trials, cores, officers who sticked with Ineffable and made this guild to what it is today; a promising mythic raiding guild for Legion.

Peace out!

P.S. Last raid, best raid!